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Secondary School

Here are you can see info only about those schools in which I worked for a long time. Since 2005, when I became a dean, I have stopped giving lessons on a regulary: I am sure that children do not need a teacher who escapes immediately after the lesson. Children must be respected and they need attention not only in the classroom - "from a bell to a bell". I am continuing to cooperate with gimnasium "Lomonosov High School" for the present time: I am an advisor on science education, as well as the Chairman of the Section of Physics and Technology of Regional School Conference "Lomonosov Readings", held annually at the gimnasium. And of course to the extent possible, engage with students from different schools: spend classes in schools and at my faculty.




Main Achievements

1993 - 2005 Deputy Principal for Research and Methodology

Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs

Head of the Science Education Center ENOT

Head of the Physical Society of Gimnasium

Physics, Astronomy and Science Teacher

Gimnasium №1530 Lomonosov High School, Eastern District Directorate of the Moscow Department for Education (until 1996 - the school №367)

In a team:
  • Received the status Gimnasium.
  • Accredited, confirming the status of the Gymnasium , which was given not only number 1530, but also his own name - Lomonosov High School.

  • Organized Science Education Center.
  • Created Physical Society of Students.
  • Developed a Project of Flexible curriculum in natural sciences.
  • Presented the Project of Flexible curriculum in natural sciences to UNESCO, for which high school was accepted by the Associated Schools of the organization.
  • Developed the concept, organized and equipped computerized physical and natural science laboratory.

  • 1986 - 1992 Teacher-experimenter

    Cadet Teacher
    Experimental High School № 315 of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Moscow

  • Gave his first lessons in classes with advanced study of mathematics and physics.
  • Began teaching integrated natural science course for younger adolescents.
  • Developed curriculum, textbook and guides of the course "Physics. Chemistry" for 5-6 (4-5) forms (co-authored).