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Academic Degrees, Titles, Scientific Awards

Here are the most important Academic Degrees, Titles and Awards of D. Isaev.

Year Degree / Title / Award

2016 Diploma of Ministry for Education and Science of Russian Federation

2013 Wealth of Education
Honorary Title and Sign of Heritage Foundation of Mendeleev

2013 Diploma of Academic Council Moscow State Pedagogical University

2009 Professor
Academic Title was assigned by the decision of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of education and science of the Russian Federation from 21.10.2009.

2004 Doctor of Education. Diploma of Higher Attestation Commission of the RF Ministry for Education.
Thesis on "Computer simulation in physics curriculum for secondary schools on the basis of personalized knowledge"

2000 Soros High School Teacher
Elected as a result of a survey of students leading specialized universities in Russia.

1999 Lomonosov Diploma

1996 Docent
Academic Title was assigned by the decision of the Russian State Committee for higher education from 20.11.1996.


State Scientific Scholarship President of the Russian Federation for young talented scientists of Russia

1994 Laureate of the II degree of competition "Transformation of humanitarian education in Russia", Diploma of the Federal Minister of Education and Soros grant for the Project of Flexible curriculum in natural sciences (author, head of the working group)

1992 Ph.D., Education. Diploma of the Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministers.
Thesis on "Formation of initial physical representations students younger adolescence"